Discussion Groups for Liturgy Planning Teams

Date: 22 Aug 2018

Does your parish have a Liturgy Preparation Group? All too often the work of preparing the Liturgy is performed by one or two people in the parish. We invite you to consider a renewal of this important ministry.

This year, Liturgy Brisbane will be hosting a number of discussion groups that will equip participants with a foundational understanding of liturgy preparation and allow them to confidently and knowledgeably contribute to a parish Liturgy Preparation Team.

Liturgy Preparation is important
"Liturgy is at its best when all who gather for worship fully, consciously and actively participate." (Sacrosanctum Concilium 14, Vatican II). 
"Good and vibrant liturgy doesn't happen by accident! Liturgy belongs to all our faith community but it needs careful planning and preparation."


A discussion group, not a workshop
Each week we will meet to discuss a topic. There will be a short pre-reading to introduce the topic (taking no more than five minutes to digest).
We have chosen a discussion group format purposely. A discussion group:

  • applies information to local contexts
  • listens and responds (doesn't tell)
  • is co-facilitated by the whole group. (You will notice only five of the topics are allocated. The group will decide the other five topics together based on what the group needs)
  • may draw in people with experience from across the Archdiocese to discuss a topic
  • will co-construct a list of resources each week for the chosen topic


Upper Mt Gravatt Aspinall Centre, Klump Road 6.30pm to 8.00pm.

  1. 18th July                      Proclaim debrief/Holy Day of obligation
  2. 22nd August                 Group’s choice
  3. 19th September            Liturgy of Sacraments?
  4. 17th October                Group’s choice
  5. 21st November             Advent/Christmas

Cost is free. Please email James Robinson if you are planning to attend: